We DON'T use machines...
We build them!


Wednesday 7/23:
Due to the high heat/humidity projected for this evening tonight's schedule will be as follows:
5:00-5:30pm BOXCAMP
(no runners strength)
Childcare still available

What's NEW????

NEFF's First Ultimate Outdoor Boot Camp Obstacle/Challenge Course is just 4 days away!!

Saturday, July 26th 9:00am at NEFF

We are transforming our entire outdoor training space into the Ultimate Outdoor Boot Camp Obstacle/Challenge Course!

$10 for members~$15 for non-members

Sign-up/payment required by TH 7/24
(cash or check only please)
Childcare available

Please note there will be NO regularly scheduled classes for that day.

Congratulations to 
Shauna Kelly
The winner of our Clean Eating Challenge!
The entire team lost a total of:
219 pounds~57.2% bodyfat~160.5 inches
in 12 weeks!
Congratulations to everyone who worked so hard and made amazing transformations both inside and out!
So very proud of you all! 

Northeast Fitness Factory is a private training facility where men and women come to challenge themselves and earn results.

Our athletes come from all backgrounds: weekend warriors, teachers, mothers and fathers, students and professionals.  
We all come together for a purpose: to get fitter, faster, stronger and to discover our true potential.

 Our talented and experienced trainers are here to support you and challenge you. 

We will push you outside of your comfort zone, we will show you what you are truly capable of and you will give your best and be your best. 

   Dig deep and find the inner-athlete in you!

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