Class Descriptions

There are no sign-ups required for any of our classes except Fight Club and TRX. Please note there is a minimum of 3 people required to run ALL classes except the 5:15am classes.

You know the drill...anything goes in Boot Camp! Kettlebells, bars, jump ropes, running, the posibilities are endless! Cardio sports drills are combined with strength training to give you the ultimate calorie-burning, strength building workout.  One hour, one workout, one way to change your body!

Boxing meets Boot Camp in this 30 or 45-minute, full-body challenge! This workout starts with a heart pumping authentic boxer's warm up and then its time to glove up and be ready to hit some serious heavy bag! You'll learn proper stance and technique while challenging your body in ways you have never before. But just like Boot Camp, anything goes in Boxcamp so be prepared to throw around some medicine balls, do some sprints or hit the deck for some push-ups! You don't have to get hit to be boxing fit! NO sign-up required for this class.

A courageous, daring and dynamic conditioning experience: 20-second bouts of high intensity training, followed by 10-seconds rest x 8= 4-minute intervals to increase athletic performance, boost VO2 max and decrease body fat. The tabata protocol is proven to physiologically transform your body!

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) 30 or 45 Minutes
Think 45 or even 30 minutes is not enough time to get a workout in? Think again! Come experience the workout that high-performance athletes and trainers have been using for years to pack as much intense energy as possible into as little time possible. This effificient and effective workout will torch fat, build long, lean muscle and boost your metabolism while testing not only your physical strength but your mental strength as well! It's time to throw your limits out the window!

Runner's Strength
A tough 30-minute strength training workout that focuses on making you a better runner! By increasing your leg strength and proportion of fast-twitch muscle fibers, you will improve your pace and become a better overall runner. Not a runner? No worries! Runner's Strength provides many other benefits to runners and non-runners alike including decreasing bodyfat, improving your structural balance and posture, helping to prevent back pain, injuries and chronic pain by strengthening your core and supporting muscle groups in your joints. The perfect rehearsal for NEFF RUNNING CLUB LAUNCHING SPRING 2014! Take your running training to a new level.

S.C.S. (Strength~Condition~Stretch)
This workout will take you through 3 phases on training: Weighted exercises to help you build strength, fast-paced cardio drills to help you condition and stretching exercises to help you increase your flexibility. A complete, safe and time-efficient workout!

Fight Club (specialty class)
Fight Club is the most authentic boxing and mixed-martial-arts workout you can find on the shoreline. Using heavy bags, you will be taken out of the gym and into the ring where you will experience the increased self-confidence,
stress-release and mood-elevation that only Fight Club can provide. **This class requires sign-up in advance. No drop-ins will be accepted.

*All classes are one hour in length, unless otherwise noted